KOKY Weekend Bio’s

KOKY on the Weekends

 Walter Miles aka Walter T: 9am-1pm (ALL Blues Saturdays)

                Paul Webber aka DJ Paul:  5am-9am (ALL Blues Saturdays) 10a-2pm (Smooth Jazz Sundays)

                Mack Gray aka King Mack: 1pm-6pm (ALL Blues Saturdays)

Vernon “Vern-Vern” Wells: 8pm-12 midnight (Old School Saturday Nights)




Walter T

Walter “T” Miles is a 40 plus year veteran of the area’s most popular Nightclubs….His 20 year association with KOKY’s ALL Blues Saturdays has also made him a very trusted and popular upper demo talent in the market…he is also capable of doing quite effective endorsements.

DJ Paul

Paul Webber is a 30 plus year veteran of Little Rock’s Urban AC battles, having started at ex-KOKY opponent KYFX, Paul has garnered an outstanding TRUST with the area’s Baby Boomers and older Gen Xers…His 12 plus years as anchor 1 of ALL Blues Saturdays has made Mr. Webber one of the state’s most in-demand and active “portable DJs”….Paul is very capable of doing A-! endorsements


King Mack

Mack Gray is an original 1250/KOKY (circa. 1977) to modern day personality….

Mr. Gray’s “Blue Collar/Countryfied/Rural delivery garners him a great degree of trust and “like-ability” with

Our area’s most downhome/basic radio lovers….Mack is somewhat challenged with executing endorsements…

NOT an issue we can’t FIX with pre-production and scheduling

Vernon \"Vern-Vern\" Wells

Is a legendary Southeast/Southwest air-personality dating back to 1971…

One of the original Urban personalities on FM pacesetters in both

Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama

   Mr. Wells relocated to Little Rock in the early 1990s

To former KOKY rival KYFX, and eventually to KOKY at it’s relaunch

In 1998….A skilled and very precise delivery production wise,

Vern-Vern is a perfect FIT for endorsements and commercials

vernpng (003)