BJTS 11-10-22

1)Jose Holloway Band director at Southwest high school to talk about the Kranksgiving battle of the band Saturday, November 19th at Little Rock Southwest high school. Featuring bands from Arkansas, Mississippi Louisiana, and Oklahoma along with the UAPB band. .This is a fundraiser for the band to allow them to participate in other band activity and cover transportation cost for their trips.  For more information call 501-447-9100

2)Richard Johnson “Mr. I sell things” with Skiek Mahmud-bey.  He’s in to acting and he’s encouraging everyone to be a part of the Skiek Studios Acting classes being offered here in Little Rock on November 18th through November 20th at 1201 Center St. in Little Rock for more information visit

3)Fred Woods and Dolton Self with Janiking to talk about you being your own boss and owning a Janiking franchise like Fred. He started doing janitorial work he and his wife now they have over 40 buildings in Little Rock and billing over $4 million annually. You can own your own Jana King business for more information call 501-398-8369 or visit