BJTS 10-7-21

1)Jamie Scott, The Director of Pulaski County youth services to talk about a new program called “Mental Health Heroes” the program was designed for young people who may have lost a loved one doing COVID-19 and need someone to talk too.This program and all of services at the Arkansas Pulaski County youth services is free. For more information 501-340-8250

2)Carolyn Berry, The executive director of Alzheimer’s Arkansas to talk with us about caregiver awareness month. If you are taking care of a family member or loved one then you are a caregiver and there are funds available for you to help with taking care of that family member or love one. If you need more information you can contact Alzheimer’s Arkansas at 1-800-689-6090

3)Debrah Phillips, The Developmental Director of NAMI Arkansas. NAMI Arkansas is a nonprofit organizations whose mission is to help people living with mental illness, their families and the community. They offer support, education, and advocacy services dedicated to helping people with mental illness. For more information call 1-800-844-0381