Fred Hammond Tests Positive For COVID-19, Shares Update With Fans

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Written by BET Staff

Gospel artist Fred Hammond, 59, has shared with his Instagram followers that he has contracted COVID-19 after obtaining results on Monday (Nov. 9) from a same-day test.

The Grammy award-winning artist uploaded a four-minute video on Saturday (Nov. 15) informing fans that he was on day five of a 14-day quarantine. Hammond believes he can pinpoint the moment of contraction, admitting to letting his guard down one time and believes it’s when it occurred.

“I’m a mask wearer, but I let it down [and] my guard down in one place,” Hammond recalls.

He also shared that his doctor is unaware of how serious his diagnosis is, but he is being closely monitored. A doctor is also caring for him daily and he has three additional medical professionals on speed dial if he has any questions, he notes.

In positive spirits, Hammond said that expects to pull through from the illness.

“I thank God for that so now this has come I have a better chance of fighting it. I still have good hope,” he continued noting that he has lost friends to the virus. “I’m feeling better everyday. It is what it is. You can’t worry about it. God is in control.”

Hammond concluded his post asking his fans to wear their masks, “be diligent and vigilant because it’s out here.”