Broadway Joe Talk Show – January 9, 2020

January 09, 2020

– Guests:  Wade Crews, General Manager of 10 Fitness in Bryant | 10 Fitness can help you get to your fitness goals. For a limited time, you can join them for $10 and pay no dues until February.  The gym is known to be the cleanest, best maintained, 24 hour access fitness center with 13 locations.  It was voted “Best Group Exercise Program” and has a ton of classes with top notch instructors.  The trainers are Nationally Certified and most locations have a Kid’s Club on site.  10 Fitness Training includes Nutrition, One on One Training, Personal Training app, Small Group Training, and more.  To sign up and learn more, visit or call 501-690-5445 or visit 10 Fitness on Facebook.

– Guests: “Chef Pete” Nguyen, Founder & Co-Owner of Healthy Chew Kitchen |  Healthy Chew is an online weekly meal preparation service located in Central Arkansas.  They are dedicated to creating healthy and delicious meals in addition to changing the face of the fitness industry.  By partnering with various health, fitness, and nutritional resources in Arkansas, they aim to help individuals reach their personal fitness goals without compromising the favorite dishes they know and love. Some of the various meals include Gourmet Eating, Food for Kids, Cleaner Eating, Meal Block Program, and Body Building. To learn more visit or call 501-904-5111 or visit Healthy Chew on Facebook.

– Guests: Phyllis Hodges, Fitness and Wellness Specialist with Carousel on the Move with Phyllis Hodges |  Fitness and Nutrition is important in your health and wellness journey, but Mental and Spiritual Fitness is just as important and helps to take care of the Whole Person. Some Ways to improve Mental Wellness and reduce stress can be a massage, walks, pampering yourself and more.  Medication is a great way to plug into your Spiritual well-being.  You can explore and connect more deeply with what brings meaning, value, and purpose to your life.  *Ms. Phyl has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, she is a National License Personal Trainer who is a certified in Fitness Arthritis, Exercise Safety, National Dance, International Sports Medicine, and an instructor in “Get Healthy Stay Balanced (Nutrition).”  Ms. Phyl is also a clergy educational trainer.  To make a appointment and learn more, contact Carousel on the Move with Phyllis Hodges at 501-563-0861 or email [email protected] or add Phyllis Hodges on Facebook.