The Broadway Joe Talk Show – January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

-Phyllis Hodges, Owner & Operator of Carousel Fit-4-Life Wellness Center |  When it comes to setting goals you want to crush – whether it’s eating clean & healthy, exercising, getting rest, losing weight – the new year always feels like the perfect opportunity to make it all happen.  When you reach your goals, you tend to feel great, look better, live well, and love live even more.    This year, the theme for Carousel Fit-4-Life Wellness Center is “Loving Your Healthy Life in 2018.”  Ms. Phyl wants to help individuals love life! With over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, she is a National License Personal Trainer who is a certified in Fitness Arthritis, Exercise Safety, National Dance, International Sports Medicine, and an instructor in “Get Healthy Stay Balanced (Nutrition).”  Ms. Phyl is also a clergy educational trainer. The Carousel Fit-4-Life Wellness Center is the only faith-based wellness center in Arkansas.  With a unique, intimate, hands-on approach, they provide services that help clients transform the way they think about health and wellness.  They provide weekly nutritional plans, along with weekly measurement and weight checks, for all personal training clients. Take advantage special, $99 for six weeks by calling 501-372-3348 or 501-563-0861 and saying “Do you Phyl Me?” #DoYouPhylMe.  Learn more about Carousel Fit-4-Life Wellness Center on Facebook or email [email protected].

-O. Jerome Green, Esq., President of Shorter College |  Students can enroll now through January 19th and secure their future in a supportive environment.  Financial aid is available, no debt or very little pocket expense. The 2-year college offers degrees in criminal justice, general studies, business, Christian Leadership and Child Development.  The Child Development Program is approved by Arkansas Workforce.  Shorter has received accreditation reaffirmation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) for a period of 10 years (to 2028) without conditions for future requirements. To enroll and learn more, call 501-374-6305 or visit 

-Patrice Bax, Program Consultant for Brandon House Cultural & Performing Arts Center |  West Central’s L.I.T. Fest Vol. III presents City Wide Re-Up, a community effort to supply students with support, Saturday, January 13th from 11am-8pm at West Central Community Center, 8616 Colonel Glenn Road in Little Rock.  This event is open to all Little Rock High School students and will offer free school supplies, t-shirts, lunch, resources, games, prizes and giveaways and more.  To enter a hoop life tournament, register at To learn more about West Central’s L.I.T. Fest Vol. III presents City Wide Re-Up, call 501-725-5757.