The Broadway Joe Talk Show, August 24, 2017

August 24, 2017

– Guests:  Marthella Johnson and Justice Donna Massey with Arkansas Community Organizations |  President Donald Trump has proposed $800 Billion in cuts to Medicaid.  If this is passed, millions of children and senior citizens will be left without any resources for medical care.  Arkansas Community Organizations and partners will participate in the National Day of Action on Healthcare, Wednesday, August 30th at 3pm at Stephen’s Community Garden (across the street from Stephen’s Elementary School) on West 18th  and Maple Street in Little Rock.  The event will focus on cuts to CHIP and Medicaid.  ARKids First is the successful children’s health care program funded by Medicaid and CHIP that covers almost 382,000 children in households up to 200% of poverty.  The mission is to inform the low income working class community, the retirement community and those that support them of this egregious act. Elected officials must know the community will not stand for this and they can be voted out.  For more information, call Arkansas Community Organizations at 501-376-7151.  The office is located at 2101 South Main Street in Little Rock.

– Guests:  Lil’ Robb for a Back to School Bash in Hot Springs |  The 17th Annual Back to School Bash in Hot Springs will be Saturday, August 26th from 10am-5pm at Wade Street Park.  There will be games, basketball, dunking booth, climbing wall, face painting, clowns, door prizes, live entertainment, a talent show, and free refreshments.  Sponsored by Sam’s Club, Sarah’s Precious Daycare, Coca Cola, NAACP, Hays Rental, New Beginning Christian Ministries and many more.  For more information, call 501-625-2365.

– Guests:  Legoria Peyton, Owner & Operator of Legoria’s Rhythm & Rocks Jazz Bistro |  Labor Day weekend will be the Grand Opening Celebration of the upscale Jazz & Blues entertainment venue, Legoria’s Rhythm & Rocks Jazz Bistro, located at 723 Central Avenue in the historic district of downtown Hot Springs.  The dates are Thursday, August 31st – Monday, September 4th.  Grammy Award Winning Jazz Guitarist & Singer, Jonathan Butler will perform on Labor Day, Monday, September 4th with a 5pm & 9pm show.  For tickets and a complete list of events, call 870-413-1667 or email [email protected] or like Rhythm & Rocks on Facebook.