Book Club – April 2017

We are holding this month’s meeting of my book club on SATURDAY, APRIL 29TH in the classroom at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center at 10 AM (Click Here For Directions). After the book club meeting, the staff has invited us to tour the current exhibit, so I hope you can make time to stay a while.

The April selections are When the Captor is YOU: A Woman’s Guide to Living Life Abundantly! and A Woman’s Journal to Living Life Abundantly: When the Captor is You! , both by Iris Williams. If you haven’t gotten your books yet, go ahead and order them and be here for the discussion. You can always chat them up further in our private book club Facebook group.

Along with wearing her author hat, Iris will also don her Butterfly Typeface Publishing consulting hat as well to discuss the process of publishing with you, and some of the possible future selections. We are really excited about the offerings we are considering for summer.

Make some time and join us on April 29th. As always, I’d just love to see you.

– Love, Sonta